Wellness Factor

Wellness Factor

Weight Control

Whether you're lightening up or maintaining your weight, you don't have to cut back on flavor. Low calorie eating can be satisfying. Read More

Heart Healthy

Keep your ticker in tip-top shape by choosing foods that have heart healthy benefits. Read More

Sugar Smart

Sometimes sweets are not a treat for your body. Be sugar smart while you shop and keep your glucose levels nice and even. Read More


Prevention truly is the best medicine. If you're healthy and want to stay that way maintain a healthy weight, exercise and eat plenty. Read More


Health & Wellness Search

The information you need to know to start making better choices now.

With the abundance of "healthy" products available it can be hard to know what works for you and how to make the best food choices. We've made it easy. Our new Live Better Wellness Factor simplifies the process to help you achieve total wellness.

The Wellness Factor is a labeling system that gives you the vital information you need to deal with health issues like diabetes, heart health, weight management, prevention and wellness. Look for these icons on tags throughout the store to give you the guidance on what you need to start making better food choices now.