Language Assistance

Language Assistance Policy

It is the policy of The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company, Inc. ("A & P") and its family of companies (collectively "the Company") to comply with the NY State Law and other applicable state and local laws in it's provision of language assistance services to pharmacy customers with limited English proficiency.

Pharmacy Staff shall:

  1. Identify whether a customer needs assistance in understanding their prescription medication
  2. Inform customers of their right to free assistance in reading and understanding their prescription medication
  3. Provide prescription labels and directions regarding dosage and safety information in the six languages that are spoken by more than one percent of the population of New York

Communicate with Customers in each Customer's Primary Language when:

  1. Soliciting information necessary to maintain a patient medication profile
  2. Offering prescription drug counseling
  3. Providing prescription drug counseling, where such counseling is not refused by the Customer
  4. Accepting in-person and telephonic prescription drug refill requests
  5. When otherwise necessary to ensure the safe and effective use of prescription drugs. A & P shall ensure such information is communicated, at no extra charge, to Customers in each Customer's Primary Language, for in-store and over-the-telephone assistance, by using the free interpretation resources.

Telephonic Services

A&P shall continue to maintain a contract with a provider of telephonic interpretation services to provide immediate, simultaneous interpretation of communications between limited English proficiency Customers and Pharmacy Staff.

Below is the process and information to submit content for translation:

When an A&P customer is not a proficient English speaker, they can have the option to speak with Pharmacy personnel using their native language. Each pharmacy will be provided with signage that will allow the customer to point at the chosen language they wish to use. If you cannot figure out their language, the operator will assist.

Using the dual handset phone, the A&P employee will then dial the 1-800 number provided and both the A&P customer and employee will be connected to a live operator. The live operator will then communicate with the A&P employee to determine the store location, employee first name (or employee number), the language of choice and any other information A&P requires for their reporting. Only this information will be recorded due to the HIPPA regulations.

Once the language of the customer has been identified, the appropriate linguist will be connected to the call. Again, due to the private nature of the discussion, this portion of the call will not be recorded. The A&P employee, customer, and interpreter can then converse between the three parties in order to identify questions and concerns of the customer. The interpreter will only convey the message that is being sent from both sides. They will not add "she/he said", etc.

Employees should review the "Frequently Asked Questions" and "Tips on Communicating Effectively through an Interpreter" signage that will be provided. These materials can be useful as a way to display best practices when communicating with customers through the dual handset.

Translated Documents

A&P shall make available at all its New York Stores English-language versions, and translations into A&P's Written Languages, of all prescription drug label information, warning labels and vital documents as described in this provision.

A&P shall translate the following materials into all A&P Written Languages and shall make such translated material available in the same manner as the corresponding English-language documents:

  1. Notices of privacy practices
  2. Written offers of counseling
  3. Any other material A&P considers vital to a Customer's safe and effective use of prescription medication Training

A&P shall provide annual training for all Pharmacy Staff regarding A&P's language assistance policies and procedures. As part of this training, Pharmacy Staff shall be given copies of A&P's Language Assistance Policy. All Pharmacy Staff shall sign an acknowledgment that they have received such training and such signed acknowledgment shall be maintained on file by A&P.

Complaint System

A&P will track complaints from Customers about barriers to effective communication with Pharmacy Staff


A majority of all A&P advertisements and promotional materials concerning Pharmacy Services shall state that A & P provides language assistance services to its Customers. A&P will maintain the Pharmacy Customer Bill of Rights for Language Services on the web site.


A&P shall maintain documents and records sufficient to accurately provide the Monitoring and Reporting information required.